Feedback: How best to help students improve?

CUCD education committee event, Nottingham, Fri June 10th


As the marking season draws towards a close, it is a good time to reflect on what we are trying to do. This event aims to explore how student experience of feedback on their work at school relates to their experience at university, how best we can support students through feedback and help them to learn, and what colleagues in the humanities are doing to improve feedback. The programme is pasted below. All welcome: please email for further details.



10.30 Coffee

11 Aisha Khan-Evans (Lecturer in Classics Education and PGCE co-ordinator, KCL): ‘Feedback in theory and practice’

11.45 Tom Murgatroyd (Head of Classics, Monmouth School): ‘Helping school students improve’

12.30 Lunch

1.15 Juliet O’Brien, Hannah Higgins, Rebecca Batty (Nottingham Classics Learning Community Forum) – discussion about experience of feedback at university.

2 Kim Shahabudin (Study Advisor, University of Reading) – ‘Supporting students and feedback’

2.45 Tea/coffee

3 Neil Sinclair (Philosophy, Nottingham) ‘Feedback (from Philosophy) on using open exams’

3.45 Gaby Neher (History of Art, Nottingham) ‘Essay plans and their surprising pitfalls’

4.30 Closing discussion

5 End


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